As a precious voice blew through our brains on a glorious rainy day for a reason that can only be explained by the third bite on the leg by a seventh dog, we have created a joyswimmingpool, a lake for the ones who have the magnetic desire to join us. Welcome.

Good news girls and boys, Humble Grumble released their second Altrock album called "Guzzle it Up" fully loaded with energetic uptempo rock tunes. The band has a few gigs planned to introduce the new album, such as on the Gouveia Art Rock Festival in Portugal on April 28 and on the Altrock/Fadin Festival in Milan, Italy on June 1st and 2nd.

A DVD is being made of the LIVE footage filmed at various concerts in 2011 and 2012 which will also be available at the shows and online.

Humble Grumble is welcoming Joshua Dellaert on bass in 2013. Our Finish brother Jouni Isoherranen is very busy with his band in Paris, France where he's been living for the past few years, but you can also see him with us from time to time in the future as a replacement or as a keyboardist.

Horny, LIVE at Vooruit


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